The 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube

The Observer, settimanale del The Guardian, ha stilato una classifica dei 50 migliori video dedicati alle arti in genere che sono su you tube: si va dal teatro al jazz, dalla sezione pop, rock e folk alla letteratura, dal cinema alla musica classica.

YouTube is best known for its offbeat videos that become viral sensations. But among its millions of clips is a treasure trove of rare and fascinating arts footage, lovingly posted by fans. Ajesh Patalay selects 50 of the best

di seguito alcune scelte con link ai video ( qui la classifica completa).

Stage: Nureyev dances Romeo at the Royal Ballet, 1966
Jazz: John Coltrane performs 'My Favourite Things', 1961
Pop, rock and folk: Joy Division do 'Shadowplay', 1978
Literature: Jack Kerouac reads from On the Road (called Project 2), 1959
Film: by Samuel Beckett, 1965
Art: Marcel Duchamp's Anemic Cinema, 1926
Classical: Glenn Gould's The Art of the Fugue, 1980

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