MI. Permanent Exposition of Made in Italy and Italian Design.

Last month a new sim called Experience Italy has been opened as one of the projects wanted by Fondazione Valore Italia and that include the realization of a land with the same name in SL. The choice made by Experience Italy experts is to five shape and life to 8 sims that will reproduce the EUR block in Rome. First Italian institutional and government enter-prise in SL, which is arousing a wide curiosity, especially because it is complementary and antici-pates what the Foundation is actually doing inside Palazzo della Civiltà e del Lavoro in RL, through the MI exposition, Permanent Exposition of Made in Italy and Italian Design.
In this article we’ll try to understand, through the organizers’ voice, what the Italian Government is doing to promote design both in Second and in Real Life. For those more curious about this subject, we leave you the web site addresses http://www.valore-italia.it/IT e http://www.experienceitaly.it/ for a deeper read. For this occasion we’ve interviewed Umberto Croppi, general manager of Fondazione Valore Italia (Umberto Oh in SL), whom we’ve asked to show our readers the works in progress.
The MI project, what is about?
The permanent expo, wanted by the Economic Development Ministry, goes further in respect of a classical museum system. It is more a platform, a window for Italian production and somehow a lab. The public opening of the expo, previewed in about two years, needs precise planning steps, including a design international contest aimed to the realization of a museum based on innovative and highly technological expositive criteria.
What do you mean by calling this enterprise a “metaproject”?
Using the SL platform we’ve been able to show the project progressive steps and in the same time have some information on what the MI should contain. This not only for the contest partici-pants, but also for those who, through the SL land EX.IT, would like to interact and bring ideas and critical comments. All welcomed, since they are immediately interesting for us who manage the entire project.One of SL features is to widen creative world possibilities, and therefore also of art and design.
Do you think that part of this artistic production could be represented in your permanent expo?
The lab idea originates form the need and the will to create an open space for each type of con-tribution, both from SL direct artistic production and, indirectly, by realizing events in the spaces we have created.
At the moment, which are you current projects?
Inside “Palazzo dei Ristoranti” we have reproduced “Made in Italy Files” exhibit, realized in RL last month of May. This exhibit shows the result of 13 exercises made by Universities and Inter-national Master Courses: multimedia products on the theme of exposition itself include videos representing the aims achieved through this experience.We are preparing “Museo Italia”: inside this space each month three different expositions, already visible in Italy, will be chosen to represent our subjects and will be staged in SL with direct link to read more about them: among those, there will be Depero’ s exihibit now at the Mart in Rovereto.

We leave you with the promise to update you on these projects and we invite you to take a “training” stroll along EUR boulevards. And if you have any proposal, then, go ahead: stunning Italia Oh is there to welcome you!

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This article is published in ESSENSUAL N.01 review by arco Rosca

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